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"Yes, I absolutely have time/energy/desire for one more thing to do."

If you don't say this regularly, you absolutely need Bayleaf Consulting.

After finding the right task and project management systems for my clients, they report feeling:

  • more control over day to day processes
  • increased confidence in team preparedness and efficiency
  • less constrained by menial and/or repetitive tasks
  • more energized for high-level strategy
  • ...more freedom to do the fun things.
You ready to relax more?

Welcome back to business.

Your regular clients and customers are back, and they brought new friends. Orders are flowing in, and you couldn't be happier.

But what tasks are looming in the background from the Before Times?

In just 30 minutes with Bayleaf Consulting, you could bid adieu to:

  • Wondering how long your new employees will last
  • Missing vital maintenance appointments that keep you up to code
  • "Making do" during the busy season and losing efficiency (AKA $$$)

Just enter your name and email below and you're a step closer to that sweet farewell.

I'm ready to schedule my consultation!
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Created for industry trendsetters.

I created Bayleaf Consulting for leaders like you who are driving the trends—and care as much about the humans you employ as you do your bottom line.

Plans as unique as your workflow playlist.

You'll get customized project management solutions to optimize your systems for increased profitability, higher retention rates, and quicker ability to scale stably.


Looking for maximum ROI of your time?

You need my FREE guide, "Eight Processes You Can Systemize in One Day (or less)!"

Meet the Team

We're pumped/thrilled/jazzed/chuffed to meet you!

Ellie Scott

bold. supportive. daring.

I founded Bayleaf Consulting out of a desire to help you do less of the business tasks that give us all gray hairs (I know I have a few...).

I've redesigned a cemetery grave-marker database, planned a new food product line launch, and standardized a volunteer training guide for local teens. And you'll never guess which was my favorite project.

Let's go do some cool shit, y'all.


loyal. food-motivated. excited.

I'm a Beagle/Perfectgoodboi mix with over 9 years of experience bringing joy and shed fur to my mom's company (and house).

I'm in charge of scheduling rabbit-chasing breaks outside (for me), reminding Mom to get a treat (for me), and snuggling up for a nap when I've worked too hard (Mom joins me sometimes).

Oh, and tech support (read: zoomies for anxiety).


What exactly is project management?

The Project Management Institute offers a lengthy and jargon-filled great explanation here, but to define it simply:

Project management is the system you use to track tasks, projects, and overall productivity in your company.

You might use a spreadsheet, software, or the good ole' sticky note on a wall technique. You might just keep everything in your brain (please share your wizard powers with me). However you do it, a great PM system is easy to use, easy to replicate, and easy to scale.

I don't really need an official system, do I?

  • Can you remember every part of every process your team completes every day/week/quarter/year?
  • Have you and your team developed a telepathy method that has zero margins for error?
  • Can you bring every idea your brain conceives into reality with no trials or test runs?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please contact Good Morning America because you should be rich with all the powers of your brain. I bow to your skill.

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, please contact me because you definitely need a system.

If you're somewhere in between, have some water and let that edible wear off.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my projects?

Time. So much time. There's not enough in the day as it is, but outsourcing projects like developing training guides and systemizing payroll can add up to 20 hours back in your pocket per week. Really. Check out this mind-blowing math.

How long does a project plan take to develop?

It depends. Both the project's complexity and timeline affect how long it takes to create a plan of attack. After our discovery calls, it usually takes me 3-5 business days to develop the average plan. Larger projects can take up to several weeks. Good news is that once it's done, it's repeatable!

I'm ok with how my tasks and projects get done. Can Bayleaf help me with something else?

Sure! I offer hourly and retainer rates for virtual assistance. Data entry, market research, CRM updates, scheduling weekly massages... whatever. For more information, pop your info here and say "I need VA services!"

Will Charlie be at our meetings?

Most likely no, but he can if you want him to join our sessions! There is an extra fee of 10 butt-scratches, but I'm sure we can work something out.

I just want to have [insert desired beverage] and talk about [insert your favorite documentary/podcast].

OMG, hit me up and we can so make that happen. I am ready for this level of friendship at all times.

Get more guides and tips at the Bayleaf blog.

Let’s get to work.

Much like a great recipe requires the right ingredients, your business needs the right team and tools to make things happen. Bayleaf Consulting is the little extra something that brings it aaaaaaall together just right.

I won't send you any boring stuff or share your deets with anyone. Cross my heart.

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